Ronald Don-Thomas was born on April 16, 1989, in Silver Spring, MD. Both his mother and father, along with his older sister, are born natives of Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa. Upon graduating high school in 2007, Ronald entered Morgan State University, studying Business Administration. He later transferred to the University of Maryland Baltimore County as an Information Systems major.

In 2011, after switching his major to English, Ronald left UMBC after his first year, taking on the workforce and other entrepreneurial quests. After traveling to multiple major cities throughout his early to late twenties, he found residence in Atlanta,GA during the Spring of 2019. It was then that he embarked on the path of freelance writing and self-published his debut novel, When The World Ends, during the summer of 2020.

Ronald attests his admiration for literature and writing to his mother, who would take him to their local library as a child to check-out books for both school and leisure. He continues to take on various entrepreneurial endeavors and hopes to inspire people worldwide to find their purpose and follow their heart’s desires.